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About our 4th Annual Mindfulness Retreat

Mindful Action and Education Retreat is a day-long retreat providing individuals with support to spark and produce innovative practices for contemplative action and education including a racial equity lens for liberation. This approach recognizes the power of individuals and communities to use a variety of tools, from traditional advocacy to the arts from spiritual practice to social practice, in order to impact change. We aim to support professionals who are influencing public education, government, wellness, incarcerated person advocacy, and the racial justice field. With a diverse team of presenters, including but not limited to activists, spiritual teachers, academics, artists, and organizers, we will offers workshops with meaningful impact. We invite you to come and engage with the Mindful Action and Education approach to racial justice, contemplative education and beyond.


Community Action through Holistic Education - Holistic Life Foundation, Baltimore, MD 

Uncovering Compassion, Transforming Violence: The Power of Storytelling and Non Violence in Education

The Awakened Family: Strategies for Effective Communication

Addressing Anti LGBTQ Bullying through Mindful Communication 

Contemplative Justice: Kenya Prison Systems - Mindful Leadership - University of Exeter 

Universal Dance of Peace & more ! 

Head Start – Mindful Wellness in the Community - Open Minds, Inc.

Seeing the Whole Student: Culturally Competent Teaching Practices for Diverse Populations

Mindful Movement in the Classroom: Strengthening Identity - Wildwood Middle School - Autism Classroom Teachers

Meditation to Open and Mindful Yoga Early 

Morning and Midday Session 

more to come along with Featured Speaker Announcement

Snacks, Paper Bag Lunch, and Community Dinner are included in the price of ticket.