Mindful education to maximize ones purpose to bring transformative change.



Open Minds, Inc. is a social change organization dedicated to bridging trauma sensitive programming and collective wellbeing through techniques of mindfulness, compassion, and resiliency.



  • Open Minds, Inc. is a community resource for facilitating mindfulness education.
  • Open Minds, Inc. main programs are in the city of Hagerstown, MD and 
  • some in Frederick, County in other non-profits arenas and learning centers that reflect our mission and vision and links in with local community values, needs, and resources.
  • Open Minds programs will provide mindfulness education for all ages. The program will provide the community with teacher trainings resources, mindfulness practices, and links for institutions and communities that holds our same values. All programs will include the need for mindfulness techniques in order to heal stress in ones life and transform suffering into awakening. There is an emphasis for all to have a fun, safe, and experimental learning experience, and self-regulation issues that have global implications.
  • Open Minds, Inc. audience includes all ages, socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds, like-minded institutions/communities, teachers, and leaders.
  • Open Minds will be recognized as trendsetters in Western Maryland based on our compelling concept and will measure this in part by our ability to attract media interest, and people/organizations who want to be affiliated with Open Minds.




Respect for all People and their Health and Happiness: Open Minds believes that people deserve to learn techniques that will help them make choices to relieve stressors in all environments, fostering a more healthy, positive, and productive lifestyle.

Balance: Open Minds believes working in unity with our environment is a constant act of balance that requires an ongoing awareness and presence of factors both internal and external to us. We can be a successful non-profit organization as a direct result of maintaining our values in a mindful and socially conscious manner.

Compassion, Integrity, Honesty, Love, and Respect: We believe that these qualities must inspire all affairs within oneself, others, and the natural world.

Open Mind and Open Heart: Open Minds makes every effort to be the portal to opening hearts and minds in order for one to reach radical compassion for one self and for others. 

Teamwork: Open Minds, Inc. believes in having a team of leaders that embraces and benefits from diversity while working to foster community building, participate in the exchange of ideas and opinions while striving towards common goals. To make change happen, it doesn’t need to be managed, but empowered.

Mindfully Reaching Purposeful Results: Open Minds, Inc. believes that beneficial learning through mindfulness activities can be accomplished through experiential, cooperative, and an adaptive learning environments.